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NH Muscle Cars
Nov 12, 2020
In Member Project Journals
The car has been on jack stands in a garage since 1984. 80% of the car wears its' original paint. The floors, trunk and body panels have zero rust. The rear hatch has been replaced as it looks like it was in a mild rear-ender at some point, but the quarter panels were not damaged. It does have some scrapes and dents, but not bad for a 44 year old car. The interior is all there but a bit moldy. Having owned built many muscle cars over the years, I am very excited about how solid this car is. It has an earlier front bumper mount, but I also have the original. I don't believe the driveline is original (certainly not the transmission) and the top of the tunnel has been cut. Fortunately, the cut piece came with the car, so I can weld it back on. The plan is to make it a 70s style street machine with a small block, dual 4 barrels, centerline wheels, 4 speed muncie and a Don Hardy Chevy 12-bolt rear. I am not going to tub the rear. We may try and save the paint and color match the paint in the areas that need to be touched up.
1973 Vega GT "70s Style" Street Machine content media
NH Muscle Cars
Nov 09, 2020
In General Discussion
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NH Muscle Cars

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