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Entry Number 3: 1935 chevy

Class: Rat Rod

Details: Old circle track car converted to run on street. 302 ford and 5spd manual. Race suspension brakes and wheels tires.

Entry Number 6: 1972 GMC C15

Class: Patina

Details: Found locally and fully built locally by me. Here is the list: 6.0/4l80 swap, fully bagged, step notched frame, 22” steelies, custom tinted window camper top, shaved fire wall, original patina throughout but all brand new underneath. The list goes on and on!!!!!!

Entry Number 7: 1946 ford race rod

Class: Rat Rod

Details: I raced cars for 35 years and always wanted to build a racy type truck. So I built everything my self including the engine. Custom frame, bed and all the little. It has a 434 ci engine producing 630hp 4 speed trans, quick change rear end. It weighs only 2200lbs

Entry Number 13: 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Class: Patina

Details: Found sitting in the woods of Milo Maine since 1995. Drug out and mechanically gone through, and put back on the road 26 years later.  Before buying it, it was a one owner car, sold new in Bangor Maine. Spent its entire life in Maine up until purchasing it. The original owner had the hood bird and pin stripping done by hand in gold leaf and gold paint.


Entry Number 10: 1946 Ford Truck

Class: Rat Rod

Details: I had a 2000 Chevy suburban that I had ordered new in 1999. It served me very well for many years. At the end of it’s life it served as a yard plow truck. I couldn’t bare to junk it because it always started and ran great. So, in 2017 I decided to use the chassis and drivetrain for a Ratrod build. My brother had a 1946 Ford truck that was given to him by my mothers cousin many years ago. It was slowly rusting into the ground. I took it and mated it to the Suburban chassis and gave both vehicles new life. The Suburban frame and drivetrain have remained stock, with minor upgrades.

This is probably the only Ratrod you’ll see with selectable 4wd, ABS  4 Wheel disk brakes, cruise control and a towing package.

Entry Number 12: 1963 c10

Class: Patina

Details: Started building when I was 19. Took me about 10 years to finally finish. Truck was primered poorly when I got it, started to take off the primer and found original lettering for a electrical shop truck. From there full custom air ride chassis, interior, bed everything has been touched. Satin clear over original patina with hand done murals on patch panels by my wife.

Entry Number 2: 1930 ford model A

Class: Rat Rod

Details: Full custom chassis with a gen 3 hemi.lots of custom metal work/custom suspension/wheels/

Entry Number 14: 1937 chevy p/u

Class: Rat Rod

Details: Built of A budget of $3000 its a 1937 chevy cab on a custom frame. Powered by a Mercedes diesel Ford bed with a chevy tailgate. Built with only used parts when I was between the ages of 20-25

Entry Number 15: 1930 Ford model a Tudor sedan

Class: Rat Rod

Details: Original Ford vin car chopped channeled new frame .1962 401 nailhead custom road sign and license plate interior

Entry Number 16: 1970 Shelby GT 500 Drag Pack 428 Super Cobra Jet

Class: Patina

Details: Barn find car sitting since 1977. Got it all done outside is rusty. Interior and underneath is mint.

Entry Number 8: 1953 chevy 3100 pickup

Class: Patina

Details:  this was original old navy display truck i purchased as a roller in june of 2016 and striped down to the frame and had it sandblasted and began the three year build.  ls motor ,power rack  and  pinion steering mustang II front end four linkrear end lokar shifter,i did it steering custom interior

Entry Number 9: 1966 Ford F100

Class: Patina

Details: Bought as a stocker drove it for a few years. Took it off the road did full air ride swap 10 inch notches in the back, 2008 crown Vic front end. Swapped in 89 mustang drive line so now has fuel injected 302 with 5 speed and has a ford 9inch

Entry Number 1: 1955 Chevy 210

Class: Patina

Details: Bought as a bare shell sitting on a frame, put together with extra parts from my dads left overs and swap meet parts. New suspension wiring and plumbing all installed in my garage by my brother and I. Had a automatic but had to swap that out to a 3 speed using used parts laying around the garage.

Entry Number 5: 1930 Model A pickup

Class: Rat Rod

Details: 350 auto

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