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Membership does have its privileges...

                                                                                              We are a member-focused club that continually strives to provide its members with                                                                                                              consistent value with no club dues. We offer our members: free membership and a                                                                                                              free member welcome kit, that contains a club decal, calendar insert, and club card                                                                                                               featuring your own unique membership number.


                                                                                              So what's the catch?  There isn't one.  We set out to create the most active car club                                                                                                              by publishing a calendar of unique monthly events with interesting venues from April-                                                                                                          November. Not a weekly or monthly event in a parking lot, true events with venues and                                                                                                      activities. Most of our events have four components: a car show with trophies, a                                                                                                                   venue, a cruise, and a charity fundraiser. All events are created by creative thinking                                                                                                              motor head-minded individuals with an added compassion for local community support. 



Membership benefits include:

  • Welcome Kit with membership card providing discounts and offerings from our sponsors

  • Access to our very active online Facebook Private Group of over 10,500 members

  • Unique monthly club events with: venues, car shows with trophies, cruises and LOCAL fundraisers

  • Club merchandise

  • Monthly club newsletter

  • Club giveaways

We have quickly grown to become the largest car club in New England by providing great member benefits, well-run events with unique venues, and the camaraderie of a giving membership that is second to none!

Get access to your benefits today by JOINING THE CLUB.

NH Muscle Cars Membership Card
Member Card
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