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A diverse club of muscle car enthusiasts with one thing in common.  We are all FUELED by the DRIVE...

New Hampshire Muscle Cars is the largest muscle car club in New England with over 10,500 muscle car owners, racers and enthusiasts.  We have members from all New England states, but the majority of our club activity is in the State of NH. The purpose of the club is to support our membership of local muscle car members by providing a place to connect via our Facebook group, our website, at local club events, at car shows, at the track, and at club organized car cruises.  The goal of the club is to FUEL an environment to enjoy our cars, foster relationships with fellow enthusiasts, assist other members, and most of all, DRIVE our cars.

Membership is free, and you can join our club via our website JOIN THE CLUB page.  The intent of our club goes well beyond just attending car shows or being an online club.  The club facilitates the opportunity to enjoy our rides at many different car-related event formats, primarily in NH. 


The majority of our monthly events have four components: A car cruise, car show with trophies, a unique venue and support of a charity/fundraiser.

Mission Statement

Provide our membership of muscle car enthusiasts with a monthly venue to drive and show their cars across a diverse calendar of automotive events while supporting local charities and fundraising.

Our 5 Guiding Principles

  • Provide members with unique events and venues to drive their rides, show their cars and connect with other members.

  • Support a membership community both in-person and online, that fosters member collaboration and camaraderie.

  • Provide members with access to discounts with reputable local Club Sponsors via a Club Card.

  • Partner with and support local motorsports venues and local businesses.

  • Support local charities and fundraisers that have a positive and measurable local impact.

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