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Our Burnout Competition is Back Again in 2024!

This year we'll feature our Burnout Competition at a different venue and show. We'll be at Star Speedway for our Summer Sizzler.  The Burnout Contest will begin at 1:00 PM and be located on the front stretch in from of the grandstands.

Burnout Competition Rules

This year instead of a straight line competition, it will be an "open" competition with donuts allowed within the cones on the front straightaway of the speedway in the designate the burnout area. Cars cannot remain in the same location for more the 5 seconds to prevent track surface damage. There is a 1-minute time limit for each competitor.  Competitors may change tires if there is a "burn-off," but will be limited to 10 minutes in-between competitions to get ready for the burn-off.


  • Signed waiver

  • Seat belt required

  • Must attend competitors pre-competition safety and information meeting

  • No passengers

  • Valid driver's license

  • Stay within the designated "coned" burnout area

  • 30-second time limit per competitor

  • Marshalls reserve the right to stop any competitor at anytime for safety concerns

Who can enter?

Anyone with a vehicle and a valid driver's license.  Vehicles can be trailered to the competition.  All competitors will be required to fill out a speedway waiver.

How is the Winner Chosen?

We'll have 5 judges located along the competition area.  Each judge will rank the burnout from 1-10. The best total score wins. If there is a tie, those competitors with the same highest score will enter a 2nd "burn-off" to determine the winner.  Top 3 prizes: $500 1st place, $350 2nd place, and $150 3rd place.

How do I participate?

Participation is FREE! Just fill out the form below to register and simply attend the show.  Competitors must arrive and fill out the waiver by 11 AM, as the competition starts at 1:00.

Once you are registered, we will communicate additional logistics with you via email.

"2024 Burnout Competition" Registration

Thanks for registering...We'll be in touch with logistics before the show!!If you have any questions, contact us at:

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