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What is the "Kids Kar Show?"

An opportunity for kids to get involved in our car show with a "show" of their own! For the past few years, we have added special components and attractions to our cars shows, which adds to our family fun environment.  This year we'll give the kids an opportunity to show off THEIR rides at our Summer Sizzler at Star Speedway on Sunday, July 21st.

What type of vehicles can be entered?

Any kids "ride-on" is acceptable, from Power Wheels, to pedal cars, to custom strollers. We encourage the kids to "decorate & customize" their rides to attract maximum attention. We will have a designated display area for the vehicles, with custom windshield "placards" to designate the owners of each vehicle that allows space to provide a little info. about their ride.

Who can enter?

Kids up to 8 years old.

What is the cost?

Entering a vehicle is FREE!  In addition, all of our shows are free to enter for kids ages 12 and under.

What do the kids get?

We'll have an awards ceremony where we will briefly interview each kid, we will have a photographer snap a photo, and we will recognize each participant with an award.  We'll also choose a "Best in Show" vehicle, which will receive a special award. Parents can join their child at the ceremony for the comfort of the kid.

How is the Winner Chosen?

We'd like to stress that this is for fun!  Our "Kid's Choice" ballot voting will decide our "Best in Show."  This is a true kids car show voted on by the kids!

How do you participate?

Fill out the form below to register and simply attend the show with your kid and vehicle on July 21st.  The event starts at 10AM and we recommend getting their around this time to get your vehicle added to the "Kids Kar Show."  Kids can ride their vehicle into the show and park it in the designated area, near the NH Muscle Cars trailer.

Once you are registered, we will communicate additional logistics with you via email.

"Kid's Kar Show" Registration

Thanks for registering...We'll be in touch with logistics before the show!!If you have any questions, contact us at:

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