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2024 Club Sponsorship Opportunities

One of our club Core Founding Principles is bringing local businesses together with our membership to create a very unique community experience.  Our members support or sponsors and vice-versa. We ask that each of our sponsors provide a "member offer" and in turn, each of our members carry a unique club member card to identify themselves to our sponsors.  Below you will find two annual club sponsorship opportunities.  All sponsorships our based on a calendar year to coincide with our event season.

We have 2 sponsorship options available, with the benefits of each outlined in our Sponsorship Brochure below.

We go to print with our collateral/marketing assets in January of each year, so it is important for sponsors to let us know of your interest in sponsorship in the November/December timeframe of the prior year.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please send an email to: with your interest and we will respond with additional sponsorship info.  In your email, please include:
  1.  Choice of Sponsorship Program 
  2.  Your Business Name
  3.  Business Website & Social Media Pages
  4.  Phone Number
  5.  Email Address
  6.  Attach your business logo
  7.  Brief Overview of Your Business (4-5 sentences)
  8.  Your membership discount offer
...We will respond to your email with any questions and provide you with an online e-invoice for payment with multiple payment options.

Thank you for your consideration!  Without our sponsors, our club would not be possible!
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