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The Concours Showcase at our Granite State Season Opener at Deerfield Fairgrounds on May 18th, 2024 is back for the 3rd time in 2024, this year featuring "Patina and Rat Rods" as our Concours theme! We first introduced the Concours Showcase in 2022, it was a huge success and we have offered it each year since! The Concours Showcase will utilize the entire 60' x 130' of the large Sheep Barn and feature 20 pre-selected vehicles to compete for the Concours Cup.  Unlike the name implies, the "Sheep Barn" is a clean, newer barn, with concrete floors and modern amenities.  

What is the Concours Showcase?

Simply put, it's a special indoor display of elite quality vehicles, the "best of the best" within the genre we choose, taking place at our Granite State Season Opener car show. It is essentially a "show within a show," as each vehicle is individually selected to compete and each is individually judged.  The overall winner takes home the prestigious Concours Cup. Each year we display a new genre for the competition. This year we will feature "Patina and Rat Rods" in a unique non-shiny showdown that we are naming our "Barn of Rust."  Each competitor receives a 10' W x 20 L' indoor space to display their vehicle.

What type of vehicle fits into our "Patina and Rat Rod" Genre?

This year it is not necessarily about the shine. A rat rod is loosely defined as a custom car or truck with a deliberately worn-down, unfinished appearance, typically lacking paint, showing rust, and made from cheap or cast-off parts. The rat rod uniquely conveys its builder’s imagination. The era of rat rod vehicles is fairly broad, spanning pre-war through the early 70s. 

In addition, our "patina" designation is a little more straight-forward and refers to any vehicle that wears a thin layer of rust in place of its' original paint.  The amount of patina can vary greatly from vehicle-to-vehicle.  We will not discern between original patina or re-created patina vehicles, both will be considered for the Concours Showcase.

We'll split the barn between "Patina" and "Rat Rod" vehicles, but the competition will span both vehicle types.

How is the Winner Chosen?

Our Councours Showcase is judged by an individual team of judges selected for their knowledge of the genre being displayed. The Judging Team is announced prior to our show.  After the Concours Judging Team painstakingly reviews each vehicle during the day of the show, they collectively review and tally the points given to each vehicle to determine an overall winner. The winner is announced, and the Concours Cup is awarded at the beginning of our trophy ceremony on show day.  This year we will also add a "Runner-up" trophy for the 2nd place vehicle.

How do you participate?

The vehicles of the Concours Showcase are selected from submittals that apply using the form below. Please note that it is a 2-part form. In addition to submitting the form, we require that you also email us the best 3 photos (exterior, interior, and engine bay) of your vehicle, to and title your email "Concours Showcase Applicant."  20 vehicles will be chosen as "Contenders" to display and each will be individually notified and announced on our Facebook Private Group and our Public Page. There is no cost to submit your application.  The cost for each selected vehicle or "Contender," to display is $100 and includes the following:

  • A 10'x20' indoor space to display your vehicle w/ early setup the day before the show (Contenders are required to setup on Friday between noon - 4:00 PM)

  • An 8"x10" Concours Showcase "Contender" Plaque for being selected.

  • Entered in the running for the Concours Cup - a huge steel cup trophy

  • Entrance to the show for 2 individuals in addition to your vehicle

  • Recognition as a "Contender" at our trophy ceremony

  • Announcement to our membership on our Facebook Private & Public Pages

If you are interested in applying, please complete and submit the 2-part form below...

Concours Application - Patina & Rat Rods

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